ISLA DE SOL - Travel Guide

Isla de sol is a natural island on Lake Titicaca. Although it is situated between Peru and Bolivia, it is actually part of Bolivia. I visited the Isla de sol during my tour of Lake Titicaca. I stayed there for one night with a native family on the island. I learned a lot about their lifestyle in a very short amount of time because it was extremely interesting. It was very sad when we had to leave the island.

I personally had never been to an island so small. At the longest part, it measures 15.4 km. This means that in places, you can walk from one side to the other! This made it amazing to explore because it was the perfect place to just wander.

This means that being self sufficient is a bit easier for the people. As they can walk easily to go and get their food. They grow all of their own food on the island and keep animals such as donkeys, pigs and cows.

There is also no electric and yes that means no wi-fi! But what I found even more interesting was that they had no, or very little media influence. As they didn't get newspapers or have TVs. So they were totally separate from the rest of the world. It seemed to make them more relaxed and care free.

If you are planning to go to Lake Titicaca, I would hugely advise going to Isla de Sol on the way. It's so beautiful and will really open your eyes to how different people live. 

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