Akaroa - Travel Guide

Akaroa is situated on the coast of the South Island of New Zealand. The sea and beach is beautiful however, this isn't the main reason why people go here. In these waters lives one of the rarest most endangered species of dolphin in the world, the Hector's dolphin. I'm not quite sure who this Hector bloke is. But I do know the dolphins are quite small compared to other species and a lot darker in colour. But don't worry if you do get to see them, they still look incredibly beautiful. It is a simply breathtaking experience to see dolphins in the wild. 

Along the pier in Akaroa there are lots of souvenir shops to remember your day by, and of course the companies selling the Hector's dolphin tours. This is something you wont be able to do anywhere outside of New Zealand so it is very special to get the opportunity. I was lucky enough to do this and actually got to be in the water around them. We even saw a baby dolphin from the boat which is amazing for the species considering how endangered they are and they are also really cute!

The tour normally lasts an hour, however it depends on what kinda things you encounter whilst on the boat. As the guides make it a bit longer if there is a lot of wildlife out and about. But you will always see amazing things to take photos of. Most tour companies also give you a partial refund, if you don't get to swim with the dolphins.  I would definitely do this again, because it's such a rare and memorable thing to do and even if you don't get to swim with them it's still amazing. Swimming with dolphins is kinda bucket list material lets be honest!

I chose to swim with dolphins through the company Black Cat Cruises. They were really good and I would 100% use them again. The tour guides were really helpful and the equipment provided was great. 

I am sorry for the lack of photos on this blog. My memory card corrupted and I lost all my photos which I took on the boat tour. But I still wanted to do a blog because it was such a great experience.

Do you have any questions about Akora? Or any other tips? Please comment them below

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