CASTLE HILL - Travel Guide

Castle Hill in Canterbury is a really fun day out and very unusual because of the hundreds of boulders resembling castle ruins. Although, unfortunately I don't think it was any kind of inspiration for the Ed Sheeran song, but who knows maybe he loves New Zealand too.

You can walk and climb all over the area taking amazing photos as you go. This makes it very popular with rock climbers and photographers alike. The rocks are super tall, giving you an amazing view of the beautiful scenery of New Zealand. It's really relaxing to just sit there without a care in the world! Which is great to do every now and then, with the forever busier lives we all lead.

However, Castle Hill hasn't always been like this. If we go back to roughly the 18th century Castle Hill was a very sacred place to the Maori people and still is, so much so they named it Kura Tawhiti. This translates as 'treasure from afar', which I think really suits it. Archaeologists have found charcoal remains, dating back over 500 years, these are likely to have been drawn by Maori tribes who inhabited this area at the time.

Now that you have seen the amazing photos of Castle Hill, some of you might find it strangely familiar. This is because it was the setting for some scenes from Narnia and also where some inspiration was found for The Lord of the Rings. However I am one of those rare human beings who has never watched The Lord of the Rings, please don't hate me guys... So I can't comment too much on how it felt in resemblance to the film. But it does feel like a magical place!

Now you are probably wondering what kinds of things you can do here, when visiting Castle Hill. I feel you have two main options of how to explore it, either on a guided tour, which will teach you a lot more about the history and various film shoots at Castle Hill. This is a must for the Lord of the Rings fans. However, personally I chose to take a picnic and explore at my own pace with my friends, which was very relaxing especially in the middle of the New Zealand summer.

Do you have any questions about Castle Hill? Or any other tips? Please comment them below

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