We left for Belgium so early in the morning but it means we had longer in Leuven. I always do this with my trips to Europe.

Later on we go to dinner and something very funny but awkward happens!

Day 2 -map mischief

We plan all our day with this map which turns out to be... entertaining!

Then we stubble across a very unusual but great restaurant. The theme was insane!

Day 3 -the best pasta ever

First we go to the botanical gardens in Leuven! But it seems to be closed...

Later on in the day we head to the best pasta restaurant I have ever visited!

Day 4 - museum madness

Today we are heading to lots of Museums and a library!

After dinner we head to a bar and something a bit crazy happens...

Day 5 - the carnival

Day 5 didn't go to plan at all...

The rain was horrendos and ruined all our plans, but we still managed to make the most of it!

Day 6 - river walking

We head out to the river that passes through Leuven. It is well known in the little town so we wanted to see it.

We also go on another spontaneous trip!