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I decided to do a 3 day tour in Salar de Uyuni because I didn't have enough time for the 5 day tour. It's the biggest salt flat in the world. We started at the Train Graveyard, and then moved on to stay in the salt hotel and the last day we went to the Tunupa Volcano. Overall it was a very nice tour, but it just felt a bit rushed. If you like a more relaxed style of travelling, a longer tour would be better. Before booking I would also read reviews, because although there are lots of companies doing these tours, they aren't all the same. A lot of my friends had bad experiences because of their guides. So just be aware.

"Whether or not you see them is a different matter. I was very lucky to see Flamingos on my very short 3 day tour and I got to take some amazing photos."

You don't realise how vast and large it is until you actually go. After driving for a few minutes all you can see is the salt you feel part of a different world. The pictures don't do it justice, trust me. 

The salt piles on the salt flats

If you are wondering how people take the reflective images at Salar de Uyuni, it is all luck and just depends on the weather you get whilst you are there. If it's raining or has rained recently it makes the flats look like a lake, however you can still stand on it, kinda like you're in some kind of heaven. This is the one tour you will be hoping for rain! Unfortunately when I went it was dry so I couldn't take these kind of photos but I still got some goodies.

Reach for the stars!


There are wild flamingos on the salt flats. But whether or not you see them is a different matter. I was very lucky to see some on my very short 3 day tour and I got to take some amazing photos. If you really want to see flamingos at the salt flats your best chance is to either spend a lot of time there. Or to go on a tour where they will take you to the places, flamingos are most commonly seen. However unfortunately tours will not confirm that there will be a sighting. So I wish all of you the best of luck! 

A solitary wild flamingo

Travelling to the salt flats you don't really need much except from a sense of adventure and exploration! However if you are staying overnight, which is more than likely because there is a lot to see there, you need to take warm clothes and an extra sleeping bag. It is so cold... it was honestly one of the coldest nights sleep I've ever had. I'm surprised I didn't wake up with icicles on my nose in the morning!

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