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The rum factory or Museo del Ron as they call it in Cuba, is a factory of rum that has been turned into a museum for everyone to look around and learn about how rum is made. It is run by the very famous brand Havana Club. This means the tour guide will also explain about the history of Havana Club. In Cuba, history is always extremely interesting because there is no country quite like it. I went with no real knowledge of rum or Havana Club except that I liked rum and had drank quite a lot of it in Cuba so far! So for me it was great to learn a bit more.

Havana Club!

The tour starts off downstairs and you learn about how the rum is made with sugar cane and why Cuba in particular is such a good place to produce rum. I won't spoil all the secrets for you! Then the tour continues onwards to explain the ageing processes. Some rum is aged for over 100 years so the person who puts it into the barrel will never taste or even see the rum as a finished product. How crazy is that?! Making something that only the next generations will benefit from. But this is only for the most premium aged rums. The Havana club rum you see in shops will probably only be aged for 3, 5 or 12 years. I found the ageing process the most interesting part of the tour.

"Some rum is aged for over 100 years so the person who puts it into the barrel will never taste or even see the rum as a finished product." 

Finally there is a brief history about the Havana Club partners and how the company was impacted by the revolution and the embargo. But this part is very short, I think Havana Club want to keep the majority of their secrets intact. Sneaky! Then the part that, let's be honest you have all come on the tour for. The shot of rum! I got a taste of the 3 year and the 5 year Havana Club. Both were really nice! There are rumours that you get a cocktail as well... but I don't know where this was when I went. Either way I think 2 shots of rum and a tour is a good deal.

The tour is 7 cuc to enter and it's open from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday. Just make sure you don't try and go on a Sunday cause they wont be open like I found out... You can only enter on a tour, so you do have to wait around until one starts but they run fairly regularly, so don't worry. There is a great bar just next door called Dos Hermanos which is quite famous in Havana so I advise waiting there for 10 minutes until your tour starts!

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