Spain is probably my most travelled country, I've been to many cities, towns and even festivals. I thought as I have been a lot it was only polite to learn the language. Well, try and learn... I know enough to have a conversation but I am by no means fluent. It really helps me when travelling!

Although the stereotype of Spain is sunshine, you should definitely explore more than the local beach and sun loungers. Here are some of my favourite places, or if you want just quick tips click here.


The best way to describe Barcelona is the ultimate all rounder city because it has a bit of everything. Gothic Cathedrals, beautiful sunny beaches, and a night life that the party animals won't be able to resist. 


This vibrant city may not be as relaxing but there is certainly plenty to keep you busy. It's the kind of place which is perfect for a jam packed long weekend. 

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Full of cobbled streets, castles and cold... oh no... heat. Toledo gets ridiculously hot even for Spain. So take your suncream, sunhats and book a hotel with air-con. 

A fairy tale castle in Toledo


You might be thinking Valencia doesn't really have much to offer but you would be wrong! You must try Valencian oranges and paella, but probably not together.  


A small, quiet seaside town on the west coast of Spain. Which for one week a year lights up and goes crazy with music. It's so good, this year, will be my fourth year going back!

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Don’t be afraid to explore off the beaten track sometimes. Away from all the tourists.
— Joe Travel Blogs

Quick General Tips

  • Take sun cream!
  • Don't let the heat slow you down to much, there are so many great places to explore, rather than just sunbathing at your hotel.
  • Change your money to Euros, you won't get very far without them.
  • Check all the local festivals. The Spanish are quite crazy and have events and festivals all the time. A quick google search of festivals in the area should help you out.
  • Learning the language is not 100% necessary but just be aware not everyone will talk English.
  • Eat Spanish food, it's one of my favourite cuisines! Paella and tapas is a must.
  • Normally Spanish shops close for siesta at 2 pm until 5 pm and some restaurants open at 9 pm. Be aware of this when making your plans
  • Spains time zone is UTC +1 hour. Remember to change your watches

Need more than just quick tips? contact me by email or any of my social media links below, with questions!


Map of Spain