I went to New Zealand in December for a month. I spent Christmas there which was very different, for someone who is used to a cold holiday period! I mostly travelled with my sister on this trip, going on road trips to places like Queenstown and Kaikora. But we mainly stayed in Christchurch. Here are all the places we went, if you want some quick tips click here.


I know Christmas is only one day a year, but trust me these lights are so breathtaking you will remember them forever. 


A breathtaking glacier, 100% worth visiting. However, visits and guided tours are becoming less and less common due to the glacier melting. So you need to visit as soon as possible!



Possibly the perfect landscape for a road trip.

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A museum informing you about the tragic earthquake of 2011 on the south island of New Zealand. It's extremely sad but helps you to understand what the nearby cities and towns have gone through.

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This place became the natural set of many films and I feel is best described as a playground of stones and boulders!



Continuing the sea life theme, if dolphins aren't your thing. This beach is home to beautiful Fur Seals and even Whales.



This is one of the only places in the world where you can swim with Hector's Dolphins!


From my experience. The most beautiful country in the world.
— Joe Travel Blogs
One of the beautiful lakes in New Zealand

One of the beautiful lakes in New Zealand

quick general tips

  • The south island and north island are very different. The south island is less much less built up with smaller cities.
  • New Zealand is insanely beautiful so travel around and experience as much as it as you can.
  • The New Zealand time zone is GMT +13, so it can be hard to talk to friends and family back home at times.
  • English is the main language of communication, just with a funny accent and a few different words like togs to get your head around.
  • There was one of the biggest earthquakes ever on the south island in 2010. Especially in Christchurch earthquakes are apart of the life because of all the after shocks.
  • Christchurch is still on the mend from the damage of past earthquakes, so don't expect a city with lots of sky scrapers.
  • The country trades using the New Zealand Dollar.
  • New Zealanders are refereed to as kiwis and it is also there native bird. 

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map of new zealand