KAIKOURA - Travel Guide

Kaikoura is a beach on the South Island of New Zealand, mainly known for its animal inhabitants! It boasts a large population of fur seals and also sperm whales. I was lucky enough to see lots of seals, as they were sunbathing and topping up their tan. However, I didn't see any sperm whales surfacing unfortunately. The New Zealand fur seals are very tame and as long as you aren't getting all up in their personal space, you will be absolutely fine. They also aren't camera shy, unlike a lot of wildlife!

A seal having a nice sleep on the beach

The area of Kaikoura is beautiful, with many walks along the cliffs and hills terminating at the breathtaking beach with boulders and rock pools. The rock pools are great for catching smaller wildlife such as fish and crabs, which you can put back after you've had a quick look at them. It'll be heaps of fun for hours!

Kaikoura beach in all it's glory

Kaikoura beach in all it's glory

You might be wondering about the earthquakes in Kaikoura. When I went it was just after the 2011, 6.3 magnitude earthquake that hit the South Island. Some cliffs had fallen down and some roads were blocked. Because this is New Zealand, earthquakes are very common and whilst they're still very scary and sad they're simply becoming a way of life for the country. So they have become more and more efficient at dealing with them. This means that Kaikoura is nearly always open all year round. Take along your BBQ, sausages and aioli dip (if you don't know what aioli is, you need to try it in New Zealand!) And have an amazing time! I even spent Christmas day here!

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