I travelled to New Zealand a few years ago but honestly it feels like yesterday. I think mainly because of the jaw dropping views and experiences it has to offer. I travelled there with my sister so in order for her to not take too much time off school and to make the most of the sunny weather we went at Christmas time for 4 weeks!

Now as many of you may know I am British. Our Christmases are extremely cold, we wear woolly Christmas jumpers and open our presents whilst sat huddled around the fire. Basically us Brits are used to a cold wintry Christmas. We always have news flashes that this year will be a 'white Christmas' but it never materialises...

''Basically, us Brits are used to a cold wintry Christmas''

This all sounds like the polar opposite to a Kiwi Christmas. In this blog I will be sharing my experience with you!


If you are familiar with the New Zealand seasons you will know that they are basically the opposite of the UK. This means that Christmas falls in the summer. For me this was the strangest part. I have grown up for 20 years having freezing cold weather on Christmas and then suddenly on Christmas Day for one year it is 30°C, I am not adverse to it being hot on Christmas however it was weird for me. We went for a BBQ on the beach and swam in the sea though which was really nice. Maybe New Zealand Christmas cards should have Santa laying on the beach getting a tan instead of standing in the snow with his reindeer! 

Different Food

Kaikora beach in New Zealand where I spent Christmas Day!

Can you believe it!! Not every country has turkey, roast potatoes and pigs in blankets... As I said earlier we went to the beach on Christmas Day and ate shrimps and chicken. It was really tasty and fitted in with the New Zealand Christmas really well. Turkey at the beach would have been properly weird but probably still delicious haha. 


Christmas can be a stressful time for everyone, however, in New Zealand kiwis tend to somehow find a way around this. There is generally less fuss and less pressure on it being perfect, just that everyone relaxes and has a good time. I really liked the relaxation and think it's definitively something us Brits should take notice of.

MY Verdict

I think it's unfair to compare a New Zealand Christmas to a British Christmas. I have grown up for 20 years in Britain and always done Christmas the same way. It's kind of like comparing your dog you have had for 8 years who has never strayed from your side to your next door neighbours puppy who occasionally breaks into your garden to say hello. Of course you are going to choose the old faithful dog!

"It was definitely harder for me to get into the Christmas spirit in New Zealand''

It was definitely harder for me to get into the Christmas spirit in New Zealand because it physically to me didn't feel like Christmas. But once the day rolled around it was amazing. I loved the relaxation and chilling at the beach whilst having a BBQ. I feel like I could definitely get into Kiwi Christmases.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas wherever you are, or however you decide to celebrate it! This year I will be spending my Christmas at home in England but I do miss New Zealand!

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