Boleto Turistico - Travel Guide

The Boleto Turistico sounds very confusing and very Spanish... But really, it is easy to understand. Basically it as a pass to lots of Peruvian archaeological sites. This can save you a lot of money especially if you manage to hit up every place!

My Circuit three Boleto Turistico, stuck into my scrap book

My Circuit three Boleto Turistico, stuck into my scrap book

So you are probably thinking... what does this amazing money saving ticket include? Firstly there are four different types of Boleto Turisticos. The Boleto general and three Boleto Partials. Unfortunately none of these include Machu Picchu, but that is about all it doesn't include. Here is a full list!

The Boleto Partial 1 costs 70 sol and is valid for 1 day. It includes:

This may seem like way too much to do in one day. But don't worry they are all very close, it will make for an amazing but busy day.

The Boleto Partial 2 is a little larger, so it is valid for 2 days. It also costs 70 sol, I see a trend going on here. It includes:

  • Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Piquillaqta
  • Museum of Popular Art
  • Tipon
  • Pachacutec Statue
  • Native Music and Dance show at Qosqo Center of Native Art
  • Museum of Qoriqancha
  • Museum of Regional History

These are mostly museums and site seeing places, in and around Cusco. I personally didn't actually go to any of these though. I wish I had!

The final Boleto Partial is number 3. It costs 70 sol, what a shock. It is valid for 2 days and I think it is the best option out of the three. It includes:

This is my favourite Boleto Partial because every destination is in the Sacred Valley which makes it achievable to visit all of them in 2 days, so you fully get your money's worth. The sites are also breathtaking! I loved Moray especially because of the mystery of how it was built and why. There are some theories but no one is quite sure yet.

Now you are probably wondering about the Boleto General. Don't worry I haven't forgot! It Includes all of these sixteen places, isn't that amazing, and all for 160 sol! That is 10 sol for each place, which is a bargain if you ask me. Although I have said that the Boleto Partial 3 is my favourite, I would always buy a Boleto General if I had 10 days free in Peru.

However, realistically going to all sixteen sites in 10 days is no means an easy feat to achieve, because even if you miss out on one day you fall way behind! As I found out. I did not complete the challenge of the Boleto General and only went to half when I had mine. But if you do I salute you as a travel warrior! Haha

All Boleto Turisticos can be bought from any of these sixteen archaeological sites on the list just at the entrance where you would normally buy any other ticket to gain entrance to the site. Students under 25 will also get a discount, as long as you can provide student ID... they don't just take your word for it, damn!

Do you have any questions about the Boleto Turistico? Or any other tips? Please comment them below

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