CRISTO BLANCO - Travel Guide

The Cristo Blanco is an archeological site in Cuzco. A good way to explain it is, it is like a little brother to the Christ Redeemer in Brazil. Which is still on my bucket list! It's situated on the top of the hill and looks over Cuzco. This means that it's not only a great thing to look at, it's also a great view when you get up there. Make sure you pick a nice clear day and you can take amazing pictures. The view from the hill will give you an idea of just how big Cuzco is and you can try and find all the things you want to see. Or you could do it on google maps.. but wheres the fun in that.

As the Cristo Blanco is smaller than the one in Brazil, it's only right that the price is too... right. Well its absolutely free so it's great for the budget  travellers out there. The only thing you might have to pay for is a taxi to the top. But of course you can walk too. If you do, you will walk past saqsaywaman so why not tick them both off in one day! It's definitely do able and will help you cram as much as you can into your time in peru. 

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