CUZCO - Travel Guide

Cuzco is the city which I spent most time in, in Peru. It felt like my home when I was there. It gave me a lot of great memories that I'll never forget. I stayed with a Peruvian family, which meant, I gained lots of useful local knowledge and they were just lovely people!

Cuzco is a vibrant and busy city. This is because it is the main city near Machu Picchu. So a lot of people stay there before going on a trek, or if they're too busy/lazy, before getting the train. I like to think I fall into, too busy.. I do hugely regret not doing the trek though, and I will do it at another point in my life. 

All of this makes Cuzco a very busy city and like most busy cities it is touristic. Especially the shops and restaurants around the Plaza de Armas. These are expensive, in comparison to other parts of Peru. Just keep this in mind if Cuzco is a later stop, for you, on your way around Peru.

All of this is made up for, by the great pictures you can take, so it's still worth a look and a wander especially on sunny days. When you are walking around you will see loads of dogs in the streets, they all just roam around the city. Don't be alarmed, all are friendly and will just stroll past running their errands.

f you want to go somewhere a little cheaper to buy some Peruvian style clothes or some presents for family and friends, there are  great market stalls and small shops on Calle Hatunrumiyoe. The shop keepers are really nice and friendly and quite often let you take photos or try on Peruvian clothes for photos.

On your way down this street there aren't only the lovely market stalls but there is also the 12 sided stone to look at which is an important part of the history of Incas. This is because both the wall, stone and street have been there 

Do you have any questions about Cuzco? Or any other tips? Please comment them below