I went to the Sacred Valley in Cusco, whilst learning spanish in my first month of being in Peru. I went with Amuata spanish school, it's a really good school for travellers to learn spanish. During my time in the Sacred Valley, they taught me during the morning and then I went and explored in the evening and at the weekend. It was a really good experience with so many things to do. It was even worth coping with no wi-fi for a week! Here are some of the best places I went to, whilst exploring.


Out of where I have been in the Sacred Valley, this is definitely the easiest Inca ruin to get to. There is a photo below of the village and the ruins.


I loved the almost hypnotic ruins of moray, there are more circles. The mind boggles when you think that it was built in the 1400s.


The Pisac not only boasts more Inca ruins but a market at the bottom of the moutain too. So there is something for everyone here.

SALINAS de maras

This is a salt mine that is still used to this very day. What it lacks in beauty it makes up for in fascination.


The small town of Ollantaytambo at the bottom of the ruins

The small town of Ollantaytambo at the bottom of the ruins

map of the sacred valley


A Map of the Sacred Valley. You can see Ollantaytambo in the top right, Pisac on the right side and Maras just left from centre. Then if you zoom in you can see Moray is to the left of the town of Maras. I also wanted to check out the Chinchero District more, but I didn't get time because of my Spanish lessons and other explorations got in the way.