Barcelona is probably most famous for its amazing football team, however it has plenty of great travel opportunities too. The beaches are bustling and always sunny, with seas hot enough to swim in! (which from a British point of view is amazing). Oh and if you don't know about a man called Antoni Gaudi... I suggest you do some quick research before you go to this beautiful city. But if you just want quick tips click here.

sagrada familia

A massive part of Barcelona's history. I loved the architecture, it is one of the most breathtaking Cathedrals in Europe.

nou camp

The biggest football stadium in all of Europe holding 100,000, which is crazy! Lucky enough their players; past and present drum up more than enough hype to fill it every week.

barcelona cathedral

A much more traditional take on a Cathedral than the Sagrada Familia. It is situated in the centre of Barcelona, next to lots of lovely restaurants

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torre glories

This skyscraper is not a typical skyscraper, at night it lights up, due to the power of led technology, with colour. The shape is also really different for a skyscraper. It boasts 38 floors and is mainly constructed from concrete, aluminium and glass.

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plajta de barceloneta

Don't be confused by the complicated name! It just means Barcelona Beach in Catlan. It will never be short of sun or men walking past shouting "Sangria, Mojito".

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It’s the Spain you see in the holiday photos! Sun and Beaches
— Joe Travel Blogs

quick general tips

  • Barcelona is part of the region of Catalonia.
  • The people of Barcelona and Catalonia are very proud of their roots and have lots of traditions.
  • Barcelona has two official languages; Spanish and Catalan but most locals will understand both.
  • However, if you are planning on learning Spanish or Catalan just be careful because the languages are very similar and can be confused.
  • The currency is Euro € like most European countries.


  • Barcelona is very hot during the summer, so make sure you take your sun cream. 
  • There are loads of tourists and the beaches will be packed during summer, so just be aware if this isn't your thing (I personally prefer more secluded beaches).
  • There are lots of music festivals in Barcelona including Primavera Sound, which is normally in late May. Why not coincide a trip to Barcelona with a weekend of music too?! 

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Map of Barcelona