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Toledo is a small city in the centre of Spain, south of Madrid. I found it was very unique, as Spanish cities go. The buildings are very old and historic but in a different way to the old Gothic buildings in Barcelona

However the main focal point of Toledo, is the river Tagus. It runs all the way through Toledo and continues for over one thousand kilometres all the way to Portugal! It's a beautiful river and makes for some amazing photo opportunities! Like this one...

The Tagus River that runs through Toledo

The Tagus River that runs through Toledo

When you go to Toledo, which I advise you do! Keep in mind how hot it is... it's even hotter than other Spanish cities like Barcelona and Valencia, this is due to the lack of sea breeze. I can still remember arriving in Toledo and walking off of the lovely air conditioned train. Then the heat hitting me like I was opening the door to a sauna. However, this was in July which is probably the hottest month in Toledo.

After this I made a very speedy stop at Mercadona (a Spanish supermarket) to get water, more sun cream and a hat, like I would advise you to do too! Unless you are well prepared of course, unlike me.

I stayed in the city for 4 days, from Sunday to Wednesday. This gave me a bit of time to get to know the city! I tried to get a head start by going on a short train ride around Toledo, on my very first day. I want to say it really helped me know where everything was, but in reality I still had my arms out stretched trying to read my map, looking like a complete tourist.

The Cathedral Primada

The Cathedral Primada

The Cathedral Primada was one of my favourite buildings in Toledo. It had the same style of architecture as the rest of the city. I love looking around cathedrals and this one definitely ranks in my top 10 that I have seen. However, I would have liked to be able to look around more, as some areas were not accessible to the public.

To conclude, if you want to go to Toledo, I would take lots of water for a start. As well as a map, because the city is very confusing with lots of side streets and tall buildings. But apart from that you are good to go!

Here is a map of Toledo so you can see exactly where it is in Spain!


Do you have any questions about Toledo? Or any other tips? Please comment them below

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