Valencia is a city on the east coast of Spain. It's famous for its oranges and sunshine! There are many things to do including relaxing on the beach or wandering around the busy city. My experience was amazing, but I still have a lot of dos and don'ts. But if you just want quick tips click here.

City Centre

The city centre is always full of people, a combination of tourists and locals. There are many things to see mainly around the Plaza de Ayuntamiento. 


The Mestalla

This is the biggest stadium in Valencia, holding 55,000 people. Although nowadays, thanks to Gary Neville... Valencia CF isn't a hugely successful team but it hasn't always been like that. 



It's hard to say what the L'Oceanografic is precisely. It's an aquarium, a science museum, breathtaking architecture. I just advise when in Valencia, definitely go and visit it!

Probably my 3rd favourite city in Spain, but don’t quote me on that.
— Joe Travel Blogs

quick general tips

  • Valencia is a lot bigger than you think, it is actually the third biggest city in Spain.
  • It is a very 'typically' Spanish city with Valencian Paella, Agua de Valencia and the sunny beaches.
  • It is close to Barcelona, Alicante and Benicassim so maybe you could visit all four cities on your trip. Just an idea!
  • There is the tradition of Bull Fighting in Valencia, which definitely isn't for everyone. If you are thinking of going to a bull fight, I advise going to the Museo Taurino de Valencia before just so you fully know what you are getting yourself into. 


  • The main language spoken is Spanish however they also talk Valencian, which is very similar to Catalan. This can be very confusing for people trying to learn Spanish.
  • There are lots of festivals in Valencia including the most famous, Las Fallas, in March. A festival in the main square. Which you can guarantee will be a little bit crazy. Check out more festivals in Valencia here.
  • Valencia has a great night life so check out the bars and clubs at least once!

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Map of Valencia