L'Oceanografic - Travel Guide

The Oceanografic is a mixture of animals and science. Now you are probably thinking that this is very normal. There are aquariums and science museums all over the world in every country, why would I go here? However, not too many are quite like the Oceanografic. Its building and architecture are nothing short of breathtaking, the architects really pulled out all the stops with this one.  

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The architecture at the Oceanografic

More amazing architecture featuring palm trees 

But as I said earlier it isn't just beautiful buildings. The Oceanografic is home to over 500 species of animals, from flamingoes... to fish... to penguins. The aquarium is huge and will take you a while to walk around and take in all of the different colours and features. When walking around you will go through the Mediterranean and tropical aquariums, where you can see all of the fish from different seas around the world. There is also a central lake, here you will find mainly pelicans, ducks and swans. It's a little less unusual but still very cool.

Next and my personal favourite, are the sea lions. This was my first time ever seeing them and I really enjoyed watching them swim, but they aren't really that cute, dammit. Unlike the Humboldt Penguins, who are found in the Antarctic section, so make sure you have your hat and gloves on! Only joking it isn't really that cold, they have just created the scenery to immerse your visual senses. Last but definitely not least are the 'show offs' of the ocean. The dolphins! There are regular shows throughout the day for you to go to, to see them jump out of the water and do tricks with their instructors. It is really fun and especially good for kids.

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The flamingoes at L'Oceanografic

The dolphins showing off, breaking the water

The Mediterranean section of the aquarium

Now onto the science part. Some of you might be thinking booorrinnggg! But you would be very wrong. The museum is very interactive with lots of things to do and test, for example there are mirror rooms with patterns that change. I didn't really understand the science behind that one but it was cool! Another exhibition was about how long the human intestine is. This was made interactive and fun because you were asked to pull out a hose pipe like tube until you thought you had reached the length of the human intestine. Then after it would say if you were wrong or right. I don't want to give any spoilers... but it is longer than you think. There are games of concentration and relaxation to play against your friends, I could go on for hours, but to save me writing anymore and boring you, I will just tell you to go and experience it for yourself. It's one of my favourite science museums I have ever been to.

A mirror room in the Science Museum

A mirror room in the Science Museum

Tickets for the L'Oceanografic are available online. I advise that you pre-book them because in the summer it can get very busy leading to a lot of queuing. But, if you pre-book they allow you to queue jump and go straight in, so you feel very smug seeing all of the other muppets still waiting whilst you skip ahead. 

The tickets are roughly €30 for an adult or if you have a child who looks 12 or younger you can probably smuggle them in for €20. Not that I condone that type of behaviour, obviously.

Do you have any questions about the L'Oceanografic? Or any other tips? Please comment them below

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