Picking a travel buddy is a hard job! They are someone that you will spend nearly your whole day with for a number of months until you get home. It's basically like a marriage, except they won't ask you to put the toilet seat down. These are the types of buddies you probably know!


The Baller


The baller is normally quite a brash character, with little number of cares in the world. His pockets are lined with money and there is nothing he can't afford. Under no circumstances will he haggle for a cheaper price. When in reality he works 3 days a week at Tesco, and asks his mum for a fiver when he goes out with his mates on a Friday. But he's travelling so money ain't a problem. 

Travel Buddy Compatibility

+ The Sun Lover - Sunbathing doesn't cost anything, she is a good influence on him.

- The OCD explorer - The baller annoys her because he wastes all his money on useless things.

The Lost Child


Most of you will probably know a lost child! Who doesn't quite have it all together yet. He is a bit of an air head and a bit disorganised but his heart is in the right place. Depending on how lost he is, will determine how much mothering he will need. However, most won't be too much trouble and will just go missing on a night out and return home in the morning like a lost dog.

Travel Buddy Compatibility

+ The OCD Explorer - She will keep the lost child organised and stop him wandering off.

+ The Baller - He will love throwing his money around buying all the things the lost child has forgotten.

- The Sun Lover - She isn't organised enough to look after the lost child.


The OCD Explorer

She is a professional planner! She will always be trying to find an 100 year old settlement inhabited in the 1500s by a tribe you don't know the name of. Most people wouldn't have a problem with this half way through their trip, on a random Friday you didn't have much planned for... But it gets a bit annoying when these things are happening an hour before your flight and you still haven't checked in yet. Some people just don't get how to relax.

Travel Buddy Compatibility

+ The Lost Child - The OCD explorer loves to organise people as well as trips!

-  Sun Lover & The Fussy Foodie - They have different 'styles' of travelling.

The Over Packer

There is no eventuality that he will not be prepared for. If there is a heatwave in Antarctica, he will supply you with factor 20, 30 and 50 sun cream. If he were a tool he would be a Swiss Army Knife. But he does come with flaws... he will be incredibly slow as he tries to carry 3 bags and his second jacket around Machu Picchu. This results in you missing a lot of things and you will have to carry a lot of his stuff on the trip. He sounds like a pain right?!

Travel Buddy Compatibility

+ The Lost Child - He will have forgotten a lot and the over packer has lots of extra things.

- The OCD Explorer - She will never get all of her itinerary done, with the over packer slowing her down.


The Sun Lover

The sun lover by nature is very relaxed. She will refuse to go anywhere without an average temperature higher than the UK. They will mostly be found at the beach and any open area large enough to lie down in, with a direct source of sunlight. If you pick anyone with characteristics like this as your travel buddy, expect a slow style of travelling!

Travel Buddy Compatibility

+ The Lost Child - He has no idea what's going on. So he won't mind relaxing on the beach for a few hours.

- The OCD Explorer - She will be slowed down by the sun lover.

The Fussy Foodie

The fussy foodie will only have two or three foods he likes, of course all from his native country. This means don't expect to be going to restaurants with any snails or insects with him. He is sure to drag you to the Mcdonalds around the corner instead. For most people a fussy foodie is a pain because they limit the amount of new foods you can try around the world. However, fussy foodies are like a herd and are best matched with each other!

Travel Buddy Compatibility

+ Other Fussy Foodies - They will all have a great time feasting at Mcdonalds together!

- Everyone Else - The fussy foodie limits the amount of unusual foods people can try.