Day 3

Today we are going to the botanical gardens in Leuven! I am hoping because summer has only just finished... the flowers will still look amazing but I am not holding my breath haha. I charged my camera last night so I am ready for anything!

I pack my bag and head off to the gardens. The walk isn't too far and we arrive with plenty of time but it looks kind of closed. I use my great... (non-existent) dutch translation skills to read the sign and we decide to head on in. If we aren't meant to be in here, I am sure someone will soon tell us! This works well and we enter to the view of beautiful flowers!

The flowers are all so bright and all kept in super good condition. Much better than the Cambridge botanical gardens I went to see in England. As we walk around, there are even more trees and flowers and even a lake, which is brimming with pond skaters. The lake, surprisingly, is much better kept than the 'paradise' I went to see yesterday. I really advise going to the botanical gardens if you are in and around Leuven. 

The 'panoramic' view...

The 'panoramic' view...

After we finished walking around the beautiful gardens, we turn our head to the 'hit and miss' map... I don't really know why we still had it after the antics yesterday but oh well it kept things unpredictable and interesting. The 'hit and miss' map says that there is a panoramic view of the city only twenty minutes away. We have loads of time today so why not go on a little walk and try to find it. It starts to take us up a hill and towards a housing estate, this could definitely be a miss for the map. I am indeed correct, as our panoramic view was covered in trees. Oh well it was a nice walk anyway haha. That's the entertainment of the 'hit and miss' map I guess!

However, before heading home we decide to stop off at a Belgian fry shop. I have heard they are very typical and you must try them whilst in Belgium. We eat them whilst walking back and oh my god they were the perfect combination of crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I added a tiny bit of mayo and they were perfection!

In the evening, we are tired from the long day of walking. So we decide to get a takeaway, advised by the 'hit and miss' map! We decide to get takeaway pasta from a place called L'Inizio. We got a bit lost on the way there as the map was a bit wrong again. But when we found it, it wasn't as I expected, it was much better. The chef was Italian and he ran the whole takeaway restaurant himself. We both went up to the little window to order. He talked some English and we managed to get our orders in. As we sit down waiting for our food, the smells coming out of the little window were incredible. I am so excited to try this! We might have found a hidden gem here. Our order arrives, we pay and fast walk/run home with our food. We sit down in our room with an episode of Arrow on! (It's a really good TV series by the way.) Then I take my first mouth full, it was the best pasta ever. It was creamy with mushrooms and seasoned to perfection. I will 100% be going back to this restaurant. It really is a hidden gem. THANK YOU HIT AND MISS MAP!