Day 4

Today I manage to sleep in again... So I eat a very quick breakfast and head out the door. Luckily my first stop was just around the corner. The Leuven Library! No I am not looking for some light reading on holiday. This particular library has a lot of history to it. I am very excited to learn about it.

We purchase the ticket and get a free audio guide! Surprisingly, although I go to a lot of museums I have never used an audio guide before. This is because you normally have to pay for them and I am always travelling on a budget. It is super snazzy! All around the museum there are bar codes on each exhibition in order, which I scan and a very helpful man starts telling you all about each exhibit. I like this much more than an actual tour guide because you can move at your own pace. 

The building is very grand and striking. Then we find out that it has been rebuilt twice in its lifetime. This is crazy when you think it's just a library. The second time was at the beginning of the first world war when it was burnt to the ground by German soldiers. Many books were lost but with great tenacity it was rebuilt and restored to its former glory with incredible spires and a roof top view.

I really enjoyed the Leuven Library but we have a busy day ahead of ourselves. We are going to another museum, how intellectual I am today. This is called the M Museum and is probably the most well known museum in Leuven. Despite having a rather macho intimidating name, it's just an art museum! It mixes all kinds of art and brings them all together in one place.

I walk in and see some very old grand paintings. The typical kind of paintings you imagine would have hung in an ancient palace years ago. Then I turn to the next wall and see a canvas of literally all green. Huh, are they going to put up a new painting here... Then I read the plaque next to it. Apparently the artist has spent months perfecting the perfect minerals in order to create his shade of green. Is this really art?Haha. As we walk around further the theme of it being unpredictable continues, with one exhibit explaining anonymous artists and how their work can be grouped! I really like the unpredictable and different style the museum used to present the art. I would highly recommend it if you are in Leuven. I feel really happy and uplifted after the museum until we head out into the rain... It's like being back in England again!

Now I thought I was going to finish my blog there. Just a chill night in and nothing much to really write about... But after dinner we head off to a bar for a drink. The bar is called Giraffe. We found it using the 'hit and miss' map! Yep I am still using it haha. It has hundreds of different shots on the ceiling. Really we had no option but to try one. I order a giraffe and Aimee goes for a Harry Potter. All the ingredients were in dutch so we really just chose in the dark. Mine arrives first, it tasted good more or less like a fruit baileys. Then Aimee's comes out... It is red and then the waiter comes out with a blow torch. He didn't even give warning, he just fired at the shot and lit the shot on fire and nearly my eyebrows too. It was a bit crazy! What a place!