Day 5

Today we wake up ready and raring to go to Bruges. It isn't very far on the train and hopefully would be amazing. But then I look out the window and it is pouring with rain... Unfortunately I didn't look at the weather forecast yesterday... The rain was so bad that we stay in and decide to watch the TV series "Arrow.'' But then mercifully the rain eases at about midday and we head out with our rain jackets.

The carnival from above!

We go to the Carnival as there was quite a lot of shelter there and it would make a fun day out. The atmosphere of all the rides and people walking around is great! It's really busy for a rainy day actually. We buy some candy floss and a toffee apple! You can't get anymore in the Carnival spirit than that! It then starts to pour down with rain again so after a bit more looking around we head back to our hostel.

For dinner we brave the rain again to go to the Pasta restaurant L'Inizio, it was seriously amazing! I went on Day 3 and couldn't wait to go back. We find it rather easily this time and don't get lost, wahoo! But there is a CLOSED sign in the window. How can it be closed on a Saturday night??? A bit perplexed and very disappointed we walk around for ages in the rain and find another pasta restaurant. It wasn't the same at all, it was just mediocre pasta... Absolutley gutted we head back to the hostel again. Falling asleep hoping for a much better day tomorrow and more adventure!