Day 4

This is the last day of chilling before the music starts. How exciting!! I can't wait. Tabby, James, Henry and Carlos wake up early and they decide to head off to the water park. But I decline because I am trying to travel on a budget. Instead I try to sleep in, in the baking heat. Until at 10am I get too hot. Laura also didn't fancy going to the water park, so we head off into Benicassim town for breakfast.

We walk down the street and stumble upon a place called Sam's steak house selling breakfasts for only €5.50 with everything! We are talking bacon, eggs, sausages, black pudding, mushrooms... So obviously we walk on in. Although I do feel a bit bad coming to Spain and eating an English breakfast... but oh well haha.

Later on after our daily nap at the beach we head into Pub Chelsea. The perfect place to spend the day at FIB festival. I should really add it to my How to Survive Benicassim Blog. The pub is air conditioned and quite dark which is great if you are hungover ahah. Over the past 3 years I have gone every year and it is never really busy either so you can just chill with your mates, I love it. Oh and it also has a pool table! Yay!

We walk down the stairs into the pool room and see a group of Spanish guys playing who I had met before. They were all like como estas? I get to talk a bit more Spanish and practice some more which I really like. Mixing with the locals! But soon they finish their game and head off.

Laura and I start to play a casual game of pool until they all come flocking back in like a heard of sheep! (There are about 15 of them haha) I feel quite bad making them all watch us play. After one game I offer to play two of them at double Laura and I verses the two Spanish guys. It's so funny because as the ball gets even remotely close to the pocket every time it's met by cheering and WOW WOW from the Spanish guys. It made the game very interesting! Though Laura and I were still victorious but it was a close game.

After playing a few more games we make it back to the campsite with rum and coke. Something a bit stronger than the sangria I had been drinking the last few nights. We head over to Beth, Kate and Harriet's tent to play drinking games like '21' which involves counting up to 21 as a group and then adding in rules when you say 21. We had rules like when you say 8 go over to a random tent and introduce yourself to someone. After a few drinks it gets very funny and much more difficult to remember haha. Comment below if you have played it!