Day 7

This is the best day of Benicassim for me! The music is going to be so good!! Liam Gallagher, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Biffy Clyro... I can't wait.

But before I get too hyped I need to get breakfast, we want a change from Sam's steak house because we had been there 3 days in a row. We end up going to a restaurant called the Taj Mahal. It definitely lacks Indian authenticity. It serves loads of different food like sandwiches, burgers and kebabs. I go for a burger... for breakfast. Not the best selection but it is cheap haha. 

We spend a long time here because Carlos is waiting in the longest queue for a cash point in history. When we eventually all finish it is about 3 pm and we head to the beach but it is packed. Every piece of shade is taken... and it is way too hot to sit in the sun. We end up walking a long way down the beach until we get to the tiniest tree. So we all try and squish into the shade. It actually worked quite well ahah.

I want to get back early to the campsite, because Liam Gallagher was starting early! But Mercadona (the Spanish supermarket) had other ideas. I walk in and the queue is at least 20 people. We had to wait over half an hour to be served it was horrible. We all walk back as fast as possible to the campsite and get back with 20 minutes to spare. Phew! Just enough time for a quick shower, eat and drink. We all head into the arena more or less sober, but that's okay ahah. Liam Gallagher starts and he is really good. He plays about half Oasis, half of his own stuff which was really good. My favourite songs were definitely 'D'you know what I mean' and 'Wonderwall'. He is the best act I have seen so far, but I don't think I will be saying that at the end of the night! 

Then me and Carlos make an impulsive decision to go right to the front for Red Hot Chilli Peppers. They start to play as we are making our way to the front. It is amazing, the atmosphere is crazy! Not something you experience everyday, that's for sure. They are the best band I have seen at FIB this year, maybe ever at FIB! 'Californication' and 'Give it Away' were incredible but that isn't it, still Biffy Clyro to go. This night is unbelievable.

The crowd slowly makes their way out to the campsite to the left. But I need to get to the back to the grass to meet with Laura to see Biffy Clyro which is to the right... This may take a while, dammit! I get so many bad looks as people bump into me and one person even pushes me. But I carry on and see a big guy going to the left as well, he must have been at least 6 feet 2 inches and looked like he went to the gym haha. I had no idea who he was but I just followed right behind him. Funnily enough he got a lot less people giving him bad looks than I did and I got to the grass in less than 2 minutes Wow.

I sit down on the grass and find Laura, it was so nice to sit down after the craziness of Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Biffy start and they were so good, just how I remember them. I have seen them twice before. They were incredible dare I say it... better than Red Hot Chilli Peppers.