Day 9

Day 9 starts at 4.00 am after all the great music! We have to catch a train at 7.54 am to Valencia, we are spending 2 nights there! Now a train at 7.54 am doesn't sound too early... But the queue for the train would be about 2 hours long and it was always chaos at the train station the day after FIB festival. I start to pack up all my stuff into my suitcase, my tent has got into quite a mess over the week... as you can imagine. Once I finish packing up I set my alarm for 5.30 am. My phone tells me, "you have 47 minutes until your alarm" urgh I feel so bad haha. Hopefully everything will be worth it though when I catch my train on time and don't have to queue too much.

My alarm rings and with blurry eyes I manage to get up off my very deflated air bed. I was sooo tired! But unfortunately I had to get up. I walk the 20 minutes to the station and was about 20th in the queue, RESULT. Way better than last year, the year before I only got there 20 minutes early and it was so stressful, we nearly missed our train! We get through the queue in about an hour, and we are all at the platform ready when the train arrives, perfect! I manage to nap 30 minutes on the train, it is quite hard to nap sat on the floor. It's a funny feeling being so tired but not being able to get to sleep. But at least I could sleep at my hostel in Valencia when I got there!

Then as we arrive at the hostel... heartbreak... We can't check in until 2! It's only 10.30 am, I presumed it would be a relaxed hostel where you can check in whenever. At least we can drop off our bags. But I have to admit I don't really feel up for exploring the city right now. Instead we head to the nearest cafe. The food looks so good they have bocadillos and tortilla de patata. I decide to combine the two and have a tortilla de patata bocadillo! (a bocadillo is a Spanish baguette and tortilla de patata is like a potato omelette) It was amazing. We manage to actually stay here until 2! Then we get to the promised land, our hostel room! But surprisingly my tiredness has worn off!! Crazy, so instead of actually sleeping I just went to the bar upstairs to play pool with Carlos, James and Henry. It was good!

Later on everyone else wakes up and we head out to grab a bite to eat. We saw a nice looking Spanish restaurant and the prices were reasonable too. We found out this was because they only served you a portion big enough for a mouse. But that wasn't the only drama at dinner...

We are sat at a table close to the toilet door. When we start to hear the door moving and the handle jiggling. That's a bit weird, I assume the door is just a bit stiff and the person will open it, but then they start to knock hard on the door and start shouting! Carlos and I both went over and tried to turn the lock with a knife and a coin, nothing would work. By now people are starting to look and laugh at the situation. When the waiter comes over with a pen knife and just turns the lock, worryingly like it was a regular occurrence, he didn't even apologise to the customer, he just walked off. The lady was fine, she was just a bit shocked and angry. Unfortunately this was the most entertaining thing to happen at the restaurant because the food was rubbish. I will not be going back and not just because I am scared to get stuck in the toilet!