A day to day personal story of my travels as they unravel. I take you through all the good and bad things that happen to me, because no one is the perfect traveller. Expect lots of amazing views, incredible places, but also broken phones, terrible restaurants and missed buses!



Belgium Without Brussels

In September 2017 I spent an amazing week in Belgium. However I did it without going to Brussels and explored a lesser know city called Leuven!


Things Go South in Spain

After 2 days back at home in the UK I jet off again to the South of Spain. I can't wait to experience the beaches and mountain peaks!

The Best of Benicassim

A small, quiet seaside town on the west coast of Spain. Which for one week a year lights up and goes crazy with music. It's so good, this year, will be my fourth year going back!

Seven Days in Slovakia

It was a very spontaneous trip! As you can probably imagine there were many ups and downs. I took a day trip to a different country, explored an 100 metre tower and so many other things.