Day 2

Today the weather isn't great... showers and lots of cloud, much like being back in England. Oh well, best make the most of it with only 5 days left in Slovakia! 

We head out into the centre of Bratislava to go to Hrad Castle. I had seen lots of photos and it looked very grand with big turrets and large gardens. However, travelling on a budget I was only going to look around the outside of the castle as it cost a massive 10 euros to go inside. I know that isn't a lot but I needed to save! From the outside I could also get some great photos too.

I walked to the castle, it was a lot harder than I thought. It felt like I was just walking up hilly streets to nothing. Unlike cities like Paris or Barcelona, in Bratislava there aren't the herds of tourists to follow. 

After whipping my tourist city map out a few times I was finally there. The castle looks nice with the turrets and white walls, but I was a tiny bit underwhelmed as I thought it might have been bigger. I had only thought this because I knew it had been re-built for the Hungarian Queen Maria Theresa in 1700s but oh well maybe she didn't want to demand too much.

The Hrad Castle on a bit of a foggy day

The Hrad Castle on a bit of a foggy day

I walk up past the trees and along the castle wall to an archway which leads into the castle grounds. When suddenly I realise what all the rebuilding had been for! The gardens are absolutely beautiful. There were white stone paths matching the castle itself that had perfectly preened bushes all around, with a fountain in the middle of the grounds as the main focal point. Leading on from this was a white stone staircase up to the castle. There could have been lots of lavish statues and building work, but Maria Theresa made it beautifully understated!

My photos really don't do it justice... as the day was very cloudy and over cast, so they are quite dark! But don't worry I hope to have enough time to go back on a sunny day and get snapping and take much better photos.