Day 6

Today is my last full day in Slovakia. I am so sad to be going... It has been a trip of ups and downs, which has blown away my expectations. It is a real hidden travel gem but my time in Slovakia isn't over yet, so let's make the most of today!

The main thing I have been missing out on over this holiday was eating proper traditional Slovakian food. I had langose yesterday at the 'beach', but it is still my mission for today to try more! I had planned to go to a Slovakian restaurant. Can you guess the name? The Slovakian Pub! Very self explanatory. 

But first, it was a lovely day with sunshine and no clouds. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to go back to the Hrad Castle and get some great photos as it wasn't far from Bratislava town centre. I really wanted the photos to do it justice!

Click the photos to increase the size, for a better look!

Now I'm off to The Slovakian Pub! I walk in and it has lots of wooden walls and wooden antique furniture, it's so quaint, I instantly love it. I continue on up the creaking stairs and to the bar. Should I go for a 12% beer or a 10% beer, tough decision... I order a 10% Zlatý Bažant beer and the sheep's cheese with dumplings and bacon, Slovakian food is very heavy but I don't mind that at all. I wait for my food whilst chatting to my family and drinking beer! The beer is so strong here, you only need one and you're a bit tipsy!

The waiter comes over with our food and I'm so excited! Finally some proper Slovakian food. I was a bit underwhelmed by the presentation, it sort of looked like potatoes and porridge. However, I took my first spoon full and it tastes amazing. The cheese mixed with bacon and the dumplings. The cheese tasted quite strong and thick, I take more and more spoonfuls of this beautiful food. It's extremely filling and after I manage to finish I couldn't eat anymore... until the dessert menu comes out. I decide that a Slovakian espresso with eggnog would be perfect. At first it tasted a bit sickly and not too great, until I mixed it together and it was delicious. We pay for the bill and leave a tip because the service was amazing. 

I walk back and everything is a bit wobbly after three Slovakian beers and an eggnog! But everyone walks home fine through the streets covered in graffiti which felt much more like home now than at the start of the week.