Day 7

Today is leaving day, my flight leaves Bratislava at 6.00pm. Sad times, on my first day I never thought I would become attached to Slovakia like I have. As a country it has so much character, mostly because of its unpredictability. There is graffiti on every wall, even near the city centre but everyone still drives expensive cars; Mercedes, Audis and I even saw the odd Ferrari. Where else would this happen?! 

The people are so friendly even though the only Slovakian words I know are 'please', 'thank you', 'hello' and 'good day'. I came to Slovakia very very apprehensively not knowing what to expect and I have come out not wanting to leave! What an amazing week! Now I am sat in the cafe I had my first meal at, and thinking WOW how a week can change your opinion on things!

THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME SLOVAKIA and please can I come back!

Don't worry even though my time in Slovakia has come to an end my travel tales will still continue. Soon I will be posting stories about my time at Benicassim Music Festival. There are so many funny stories that I am sure you will love, in the future!