Day 2

Today we are going road tripping properly into the mountains. The aim is to find some cute little mountain villages and take some amazing photos! We all get ready and pile into the car, it was so good that Aimee's family had rented a car else we literally wouldn't be able to go anywhere, the villa was so remote. 

We start heading down the long winding road and take a sharp turn to the right but... I feel my eye lids start to close ever so slightly, don't fall asleep Joe... I then open my eyes to see Aimee saying, "Joe you missed the ocean road...'' WHY DO I KEEP FALLING ASLEEP... But a positive is we are now climbing up the mountain and the views are incredible. As we go up further there is a massive dam which you can only see how huge it is from this height. It was incredible. We stop the car and get out to take some amazing photos.

The view with the dam in the background

Another amazing view!

After a lot of eye spy and two hours of driving we decide to stop at the next town. We sit down at a restaurant to order ice cream. It's so good after sitting in a car for a few hours. I then start to try and teach Aimee's family some Spanish like ''Helado" (ice cream) and "¿Donde esta el baño?" (Where is the bathroom?) It was very funny! Then we go on a general wander and take some more photos!

Some handmade woven tapestries 

The small village water ways

When we get back home we head into the swimming pool and mess around with a GoPro to take lots of funny photos. It was very cool and produced some quite embarrassing photos... The day was super chill but so nice. Not everyday has to be full on, I like to relax too!

Peace Man!

A random ball...

Hands in the air