Day 3

Today is my final day in Spain with Aimee, it has been a very short trip but well worth it because we have packed the days full. Day 1 I was in Malaga exploring the city. Day 2 we went on a massive road trip around Nerja and the surrounding towns and villages in the mountains and then of course today is Day 3. I like doing these little trips into Europe because flights are always so cheap! I might do a blog about it one day. Who would like to read that?

Anyway on to today! We are heading to the beach. No one has been there before and we are all very excited. We start driving, after about 10 minutes we arrive at a massive cliff and we can see the beach below! How do we get down here?? We walk further along the cliff and find a very overgrown path... Is this the way to the beach? There are thorn bushes and it's still quite steep an stony, surely there is another way. We carry on looking for about 10 minutes and come to the conclusion this must be the way. How am I going to do this with only flip flops on?! Dammit! The path was very stony as well but eventually we all manage to get to the bottom. Slowly but surely. How do people get down there with all their beach stuff? We all literally just have a towel and we struggled. I have no idea! But anyway lets go to the beach. We are now walking along a smooth tarmac road and can see the sea in the distance! The sea looked so blue and idyllic I can't wait.

The amazing view of the beach!

The amazing view of the beach!

We get on to the beach and it's a stony beach! Which I really like because it means no sand getting everywhere and it would probably be better for snorkelling because without sand the water would be clearer. So with that in mind I put on a snorkel and run into the water. This was going to be the first time I have ever been snorkelling! Well I had done it in the swimming pool but that's not quite the same. I was very excited that this time I might see some fish instead of just the dead flies on the bottom of the pool haha.

I wade out into the depths and start to swim with my head out of the water. Then as I eventually get into deeper water I put my head under! It's incredible, I am so amazed to see fish in the sea for the first time, that I decide to pop up my head and say, the now famous quote, to Aimee. "I have never seen a fish before!" Oh Joe...! She then proceeds to tease me about this for the whole day and wouldn't let it go... Haha. The fish, that I had never seen before, were dark blue in colour and are all feeding on the algae that was on the rocks below. I think snorkelling is the best thing I have done on this holiday!!

Tomorrow I will be heading home and on to Cuba where I am going to spend 2 weeks! I am so excited for this one. I will probably only post exciting days and moments in my tales in Cuba, otherwise it might get a bit boring hearing how I just went to the shop and did my Spanish lessons some days!